Mick Alexander - Farmers for Climate Action
25th November 2018

Graziers gather in Mackay to oppose extractive industries

The threats posed by extractive industries were centre stage when farmers, graziers and supporters from across central and western Queensland gathered at the Mackay Entertainment and Convention Centre on Sunday the 25th of November.

Organised by farmer-led movement, Farmers for Climate Action, speakers at The Galilee is Rising – Community Forum explored alternate opportunities for the region and premiered new short-film ‘Galilee Rising’. The film features the stories of farmers and graziers from across Central Queensland and the Galilee Basin and their campaign to protect land and water resources from extractive industries like Adani’s Carmichael Mine.

Speakers at the forum included central Queensland graziers Mick Alexander and Jody Brown, Farmers for Climate Action CEO Verity Morgan Schmidt and coal industry employees concerned about the lack of a transition plan for the industry.

Central Queensland grazier Mick Alexander, who appears in central Queensland television  advertising campaign calling for a transition plan from coal in the region told forum attendees that Adani’s unlimited groundwater licence needed to be cancelled and that the cumulative effects of Adani, China Stone and the 7 other megamines planned for the Galilee had the potential to finish agriculture in the region permanently”.

“These mega mines will create a 300 km long drawdown on the Great Artesian Basin and without ground water there will be no agriculture in the Galilee,” Mr Alexander said.

The Galilee Rising film is available online at https://www.facebook.com/FarmersforClimateAction/videos/208609853372897/

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