Mick Alexander - Farmers for Climate Action
6 November 2018

Rockhampton grazier stars in national TV Ad Campaign

Rockhampton cattle producer Mick Alexander stars in a three-week long advertising campaign that launched across Central Queensland this week.

The advertising campaign, run by farmer advocacy group Farmers for Climate Action, aims to raise awareness of the link between coal, climate change and drought.

It coincides with Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s visit to regional Queensland this week, where climate change and the Adani mine are expected to be a hot topic.

“We’re trying to get a positive message out about why farmers are demanding a plan to transition Central Queensland beyond thermal coal,” said Mr Alexander, who runs an organic beef cattle station with his wife Noela and their two sons.

“Right now Queensland is already experiencing a heatwave, and summer is only just starting. Parts of our state have been in drought for 8 years. It’s time for our political leaders to look to the future, and to address climate change before it’s too late.

“There’s huge potential for renewable energy in this neck of the woods, and we should be going down that path rather than new coal mines.”

Farmers for Climate Action CEO Verity Morgan-Schmidt said the campaign had attracted strong support, including funding, from farmers in the region and around Australia.

“We’re stepping forward to send a big message to the politicians in these areas that it’s time for a transition beyond thermal coal, and to focus on sustainable industries like agriculture and renewable energy instead.

“Farmers and rural communities are on the frontline of climate change. We need leaders with a vision to move Queensland beyond thermal coal, and a commitment to back a National Strategy on Climate Change and Agriculture.”

The ad campaign comes a week after Australia’s mining union, the CFMEU, released a report calling for federal and state governments to prepare for the nation’s coal-fired power stations to be shut by 2050 with a comprehensive transition package for workers.

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