Tell the Prime Minister we need to protect Australia’s prime agricultural land.

Dear Prime Minister Morrison,

My name is Meg Nielsen. I have been breeding Angus Limousin cattle with my husband, Peter, on our beautiful farm near Bentley for 17 years. Previously we grew stonefruit, coffee and macadamias.

As farmers, everyday we deal with the delicate balance of running a farm and adapting to worsening climate change conditions, whilst continuing to produce food for all Australians. We know that unconventional gas mining projects not only cause climate change, it causes terrible stress and division in communities, and also pollutes and depletes the precious water we need for our livelihoods.

Prime Minister Morrison, please listen to farmers and say no to new gasfields on prime agricultural land. 

Right now, the Government is pushing for a gas led recovery from COVID. We know that gas is a fossil fuel that is driving climate change, making it harder to farm with more droughts, extreme weather and heatwaves.

Farmland cannot co-exist with gasfields and puts our nation’s food security at risk.

A new paper commissioned by Farmers for Climate Action shows gas development is a very real threat for many farming communities. Key findings include:

  • Approximately 33% of Australian grazing land is subject to exploration licenses
  • It destroys farming jobs: 1.8 jobs were lost in the agricultural sector for every job gained in the gas sector
  • Farmers can experience negative mental health impacts from gas developments
Farmers across Australia are already grappling with the impacts of climate change. Prime Minister Morrison, please don’t make it harder. Protect Australia’s precious food bowls and say no to new gasfields on agricultural land!

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