Tell the Prime Minister we need an Australia-wide net zero by 2050 target

My name is Anika Molesworth and I raise sheep with my family near Broken Hill. I love the ancient gum trees and incredible wildlife I share my home with. I am proud to grow food for people, and it is breaking my heart that climate change makes it harder and harder for farmers like us to do this.

Last summer, as the rest of the country burned, we sweltered through the hottest summer on record. I have watched the trees die, the wildlife disappear, and our sheep be sent away. I want nothing more than to be able to focus on the day-to-day issues of our farm, be it a busted water pipe, or fixing a fence. But with climate change looming over my future, I have no choice but to take a stand. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison, farmers are looking for leadership from your Government and it is currently lacking. The National Farmers’ Federation, representing more than 80,000 Australian farmers, supports an economy wide target of net zero carbon emission by 2050. 

We call on you and your government to support this policy and get Australia moving to a low carbon future.

Specifically, we want:
  1. As a first step, set a net zero emissions by 2050 target
  2. Adopt the policies that will get us there

Many organisations – Farmers for Climate Action among them – have set forward practical and achievable plans that will enable a clean recovery, that doesn’t lock in fossil fuels, the main driver of climate change. This transformation to a low-carbon economy will create 100,000s of great new jobs and revitalise regional Australia.

The time to do this is now as Australia begins our post-pandemic recovery.

As farmers we have the most to lose if we don’t act on climate. I know I won’t be able to continue farming here if we don’t act on climate change. I am calling on you, Prime Minister Morrison, to show leadership: commit to net zero emissions by 2050 and adopt the policies we need to achieve this important goal.

So far we have 10823 signatures
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