Farmers for Climate Action is committed to building support for climate action from our political leaders. 

We are running an open letter to thank Victorian Nationals Leader Peter Walsh for taking a stand on climate action, and to demand the Federal National Party follows his lead and supports climate solutions. 

If you’re a farmer from Victoria and are interested in adding your name to the open letter, please put your details below. 

Dear Victorian Nationals Leader, Peter Walsh
Cc Federal Nationals Leader, Barnaby Joyce

We the undersigned are farmers from across Victoria. We would like to thank you for your
leadership in standing up for climate action and urging your party to support strong climate solutions.


We call on the Federal National Party to follow your lead by supporting strong action on climate, including the phasing out of coal-fired power plants in Australia, as well as a strong net-zero target and support for farmers in reducing their on-farm emissions.


As you said, Victorians want our governments, both state and federal, to do more on climate and have a constructive discussion about the transition to cleaner energy options.


Over the next 30 years we are going to spend an estimated $1 trillion on our electricity system, which opens up massive economic opportunities for our regional areas. With support, farmers and their communities can also benefit from biodiversity stewardship, sequestering carbon in trees and soil, hosting renewables, and more.


Let’s get on with it. Farmers are counting on you.



Closed for signatures.

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