Applications are now open for the Tasmanian Climate-Smart Grazing Fellowship

Are you a Tasmanian grazier, mixed farmer or ag industry professional who wants to know more about climate change and its impacts on agriculture, and what role you can play in helping our industry remain profitable and sustainable?

Do we have the program for you!

Applications are now open for our Tasmanian Climate-Smart Agriculture Fellowship. The program includes a two-week online learning program, and support to choose and develop a project to bring to our conference in the first half of next year (date to be confirmed).

Fellows will take part in the online learning program alongside participants from Victoria and Queensland, with special dedicated sessions for Tasmanian-focussed research and expertise.

The fellowship is a unique opportunity to learn from experts in climate and agriculture, and other Tasmanian graziers leading the way on climate resilience.

Some of the topics Tasmanian fellows will learn more about include:

  • Future region-specific climate modelling
  • Complexities of the carbon cycle at both a farm and a global scale
  • Introducing or increasing the productivity of perennial pastures and on-farm emissions abatement
  • The potential for participation in carbon farming (soil-focused).

They’ll join a strong and supportive network of leading farmers across Australia, receive extensive training in key skills, and develop a platform to create lasting resilience in Tasmanian agriculture. The fellowship is free of charge to the successful applicants.

Course Structure

Part 1:

Online learning program from 16 to 28 October, facilitated by agri-environmental specialist Corey Watts. Sessions will feature guest speakers and farm/innovation case studies, touching on energy projects, carbon sequestration projects etc. Learning resources will be available online, with conversation between fellows encouraged in established channels.


Part 2:

From October onwards, each fellow will be matched with a mentor and will progress project ideas developed during the online modules.


Part 3:

In the first half of 2021 (COVID permitting), the fellows will come together face to face to showcase their projects. There will be further sessions on advocacy, change management and leadership.



Applications are assessed on a rolling basis, and will be closed when all positions are filled.

To apply, please download and complete the application form below, and upload it with your details on this page. If you have any questions, please get in touch at [email protected] or 1800 491 633. 

download the application form


  • We encourage you to share any photos, videos or newspaper articles that tell us more about you and your passion for climate-smart agriculture
    Drop files here or

Online learning program

Session 1 | Friday 16 Oct.

8.30 am – 1.30 pm
Climate Change & Agriculture: Big Picture to Back Paddock

Speakers include:

  • Cam Nicholson (Nicon Rural Services)
  • Mark Howden (ANU)
  • Mark Wootton (Jigsaw Farms)

Session 2 | Monday 19 Oct.

9 – 11am
Gut, heart & head: how to make good decisions in a changing climate

Speakers include:

  • Cam Nicholson (Nicon Rural Services)
  • Richard Eckards (University of Melbourne)

Session 3 | Tuesday 20 Oct.

9 am – 1 pm
Carbon in the landscape
  • Ben Keogh (Australian Carbon Traders)

Session 4 | Wednesday 21 Oct.

9 am – 1 pm
Regenerative agriculture: pathways & perspectives

Speakers include:

  • Rebecca Gorman (Land to Market)
  • Steven Hobbs (Kaniva farmer)

Session 5 | Thursday 22 Oct.

9 – 11.45 am
Navigating the New Energy Revolution

Speakers include:

  • Karin Stark
  • Ketan Joshi

Session 6 | Monday 26 Oct.

9 am – 1 pm
Creating hope from uncertainty

Speakers include:

  • Dr Lauren Rickards (RMIT)
  • Caroline Welsh (Birchip Cropping Group)

Session 7 | Tuesday 27 Oct.

10.30 -12 pm
You say you want a revolution? Change beyond the farm gate

Speakers include:

  • Dr Rebecca Colvin (Australian National University)
  • Lara Nicholson (Climate Media Centre)

Session 8 | Wednesday 28 Oct.

9 – 11 am
Getting your project off the ground

Speakers include:

  • Cam Nicholson (Nicon Rural Services)

Meet some former Victorian fellows

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