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Another glorious day at Agfest Field Days, Tasmania.

We are having the best time, meeting so many wonderful farmers that care about climate action.
If you are at AgFest today or tomorrow swing by and say hello!

We are all set up and ready to go for Agfest Field Days, Tasmania.

Starting tomorrow, we will be here for the next four days, we are super excited to be here for the first time this year. Pop in and say hello!


David, Perina, Gordon & Pippa run @glentorriepastures a 178ha Angus Beef farm in North West Tasmania.

Find out more about their story under ‘Farmer in Focus’ on our website.

Our next 'Farmer in Focus' is Celia Leverton from Tasmania.

Celia has been involved in farming for 45 years and has done a bit of everything, from jillarooing, woolclassing, on-farm rural business management and rural journalism to dairy, sheep and beef farming, pastured poultry and market gardening.

To read her full story go to:

Meet our latest Farmer in Focus, Ian Onley.

Ian runs a Biodynamic free range egg farm on 90 acres in Gormandale, Gippsland, Victoria.

Learn more about his story here: https://farmersforclimateaction.org.au/farmer-in-focus/ian-onley/

We have given out hundreds of these postcards over the last few days at Farm World - Lardner Park.

It’s easy to take action! We have plenty more to give out, so pop in and say hello!

#FarmWorld2021 #farmersforclimateaction

We are having a fantastic time at Farm World - Lardner Park talking to lots of farmers and giving out gate signs.
We are in the Baw Baw Pavillon, come and have a chat!

#farmworld2021 #lardnerpark #farmworldlardnerpark

Mark & Carol Barnett run a beef farm in Westbury, Tasmania. They focus on genetics and pasture management to mitigate the risk of adverse seasonal conditions: climate change.

Learn more about their farm and the practises they use here: https://farmersforclimateaction.org.au/farmer-in-focus/mark-carol-barnett/

#farmersforclimateaction #tasmania #farmer

Join us in the fight to repower our communities through renewable energy.

Follow the link in our bio to get involved 🌞

We are excited to be in Canberra today to support the tabling of legislation that will underpin the Local Power Plan.

We want to ensure regional Australia benefits from renewable energy.

Time for the pollies to get on board and support community renewables 🌞

Our Facebook page has had all of its content removed. Hopefully everything will be back shortly so we continue to share updates on our work. 🐂🐑🐖🌱🌾🌞 ...

Will you join us, in sending a strong message to our federal leaders, that farmers support strong, immediate action on climate change and that includes agriculture being included in a net zero emissions target.

Please take action by taking a photo of yourself saying why you support net zero agriculture and then post it to social media using hashtag #netzerofarming #farmersforclimateaction

Messages from our farmers, making it very clear that Australian agriculture and the economy more broadly stands to benefit from the transition to a low carbon economy.

We can’t afford the price of inaction!

Thanks @hallygrammer! “The Australian livestock industry has committed to achieving carbon nuetrality by 2030 (CN30).
To achieve this goal farmers need political action now. We have not created this climate emergency, the fossil fuel industry has. But we recognise that everyone must contribute if we are to limit global warming.
We need a 200 million investment in research, development and adoption to achieve our 2030 goal. The Federal government needs to financially invest in this ambition rather than excluding agriculture from our National net zero emissions target.”

#netzerofarming #farmingforever #farming #climatechange #aussiefarmers #beef #cn30

Thanks @meatyourbeef! #repost
Farmers cannot be excluded from a national action to climate change. We are part of the change, with actions come responsibility. farming is not just a business, it’s a passion, for the land and for the animals. We cannot exist without acting on climate change.
We want to be part of the solution and we will be part of the solution
We need our national leaders to include our industry in the country’s emission targets and to support our farmers in achieving zero emissions

#netzeroemmisions #agnetzero #netzerofarming #climateaction #farmersforclimateaction

Great message from Anthony Houston, a lettuce farmer from Tasmania who is passionate about climate action!

Thanks @echovalleyfarmer! #Repost
“Hey @m_mccormackmp mate the reality is these girls won’t be here in 30 years either but they’re more than happy to do the heavy lifting for you”.

Strong agriculture practices based on sound agroecological and regenerative ag management principles will get us to a net zero emissions target faster. Don’t leave us out!!!

Our leaders are dreamers and not in a good way folks let them know. Stand with your farmers working to heal the planet. #farmersforclimateaction @farmersforclimateaction @scottmorrisonmp #netzeroemmissions #afsa #netzerofarming @ausfoodsov
1. Take a photo with a message to our leaders stating your support for a strong stance on emissions including agriculture
2.include the hashtag #netzerofarming
3. Post to the socials tagging PM Morrison, Michael McCormack, and farmers for climate action
4. Ask friends and family to do the same.
#community #collectiveconsciousness #collectiveaction #regenerativeagriculture #regenerativefarming #agroecology #climatecrisis

In case you missed it, over the weekend Nationals leader Michael McCormack suggested that agriculture could be excluded from our 2050 net zero emissions target, declaring that he is “not worried about what might happen in 30 years’ time”.

It seems Mr McCormack’s missed all of the 2030 emissions targets that the various agricultural sectors have been making AND the National Farmers’ Federation’s 2050 economy-wide target.

Australian agriculture - and the economy more broadly - stands to benefit from the transition to a low carbon economy. And that we can’t afford the price of inaction.

Will you join us in taking action today?

Here's what you can do:

1. Take a selfie (on your farm if you can) with a written message for the Prime Minister and Mr McCormack stating your support for a strong emissions target that includes agriculture.
2. Include the hashtag #NetZeroFarming
3. Post to your socials (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) tagging PM Morrison, Nationals Leader McCormack and Farmers for Climate Action.
4. Ask your family and friends to do the same

Pictured: Ian is a biodynamic free range egg farmer from Gippsland, Victoria.

Here’s Central QLD farmer, Melinee Leather, showing her support for #netzerofarming

We need to send a strong message to our federal leaders, that farmers support strong, immediate action on climate change and that includes agriculture being included in a net zero emissions target.

Please take action by taking a photo of yourself saying why you support net zero ag and then post it to social media using hashtag #netzerofarming

Happy holidays from Farmers for Climate Action! We will be taking a much needed break from today until the new year to spend time with our loved ones. Thank you to everyone who is a part of this movement. We hope you have a safe, healthy and festive holiday season. We’ll be back online from 4 January 2021 - ready to get roaring in the new year! ...


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3 days ago
Farmers for Climate Action

Join us for the fourth in our series of webinars on understanding soils. Dr Jason Condon from NSW DPI will speak to the impacts of acid soils on building healthy soils, and ultimately soil carbon. ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

No problem as I was able to chat with Jason Condon this afternoon via LinkedIn. The work continues, thanks again for the great team work of climate positive action. By the way, last week the strong FCA representation at 4 days of Agfest 2021 was an excellent! The network keeps growing!

Great presentation!

Hello Jason Condon, As a producer, user and trader of Biochar and related technologies I would like to know if any research was / is done using high pH Wood-Ash in agriculture? Dissolved wood ash high pH: Lye Water? Applied to surface or injected? This from North Carolina: livingwebfarms.org/waste-not-wood-ashes

Great work in progress! Thank you.

And that’s a wrap! We have had the best time at Agfest Field Days, Tasmania 2021!

Thank you to every single one of you that dropped in for a chat, took a farm gate sign home and supported us over the last few days. You all rock!

#Agfest2021 #farmersforclimateaction
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