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Our vision

Farming Forever: Farmers and our representatives are climate leaders


Our mission

To influence Australia to adopt strong economy-wide climate policies and realise a prosperous and sustainable future, full of opportunity for farmers and farming communities.

Our theory of change

We believe that if we grow the number of farmers, their communities and their representatives who are leading on climate-smart farming solutions and championing strong economy-wide climate policy, we can influence governments to implement climate policies that mitigate climate change and benefit rural communities.

what we do

Our story

Farmers for Climate Action grew out of a meeting of frustrated farmers in the Blue Mountains in 2015. Many had spent decades voicing their concerns about climate change to no avail. They resolved to get to work.

our story

Our people

our board

Our Board has over 200 years of combined experience in the agriculture industry. They
are industry leaders from across the country.

our staff

Our staff come from various backgrounds including media, communications, political
campaigning, farming and the wider agriculture industry.

our farmers

Our farmers can be found across the country: from the tropical north of Queensland to the cooler climes of Tasmania, and from the wine growing regions of Western Australia right across to the sheep and cropping farms of New South Wales.
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