Over the Fence is a podcast from Farmers for Climate Action. It is an opportunity to look over the fence and see what communities in rural and regional Australia are doing in the face of climate change. By sharing experience and skills we can help create even stronger communities and regions.

A look at rural politics with Steph Ryan

In this episode we talk to Steph Ryan, the Deputy Leader of the Victorian National Party and member for Euroa. Steph was elected to parliament in 2014 and previously worked as a rural journalist. We spoke with Steph about life on the farm, the millennium drought and what it’s like being in politics.

A look at grassroots rural politics with Ruth McGowan

In this episode we talk to Ruth McGowan, an expert on getting people elected to politics. Ruth grew up on a farm in north-east Victoria. She later worked as a senior scientist for the Victorian government, and as mayor she helped lead her community through the 2009 Black Saturday bushfire disaster. We spoke with Ruth about growing up on the farm and what led her to become passionate about grassroots politics.

A look at rural politics and climate with Gabrielle Chan

In this episode we talk to Gabrielle Chan, a farmer, journalist and author of ‘Rusted Off: Why country Australia is fed up’. Gabrielle is now working on another book about food and agriculture in Australia. We talk with Gabrielle about rural politics, life on the farm and how climate change is impacting Australia’s food sector.

A look at community-led energy with Totally Renewable Yackandandah

In this episode we talk to Matt Grogan and Matt Charles-Jones from Totally Renewable Yackandandah. Totally Renewable Yackandandah is a community group in North-East Victoria working to power their town with 100% renewable energy. Totally Renewable Yackandandah worked with their community on Australia’s first microgrid and after the recent summer bushfires are exploring how renewable energy can help build a stronger electricity grid.

A look at community in a changing climate with Judy Brewer

In this episode we talk to Judy Brewer about her experience as a farmer, how she has adapted to a changing climate and about her involvement in rural and regional politics. Judy has a long history of involvement in rural and regional community organisations, including with Australian Women in Agriculture, Landcare, the National Party and as the national president of the Australian Women’s Refugee Network.

A look at rural politics with Cathy McGowan

In our first episode we talk to Cathy McGowan, the former federal MP for Indi. Cathy made history when she was elected to parliament in 2013 because she defeated the Liberal party incumbent, Sophie Mirabella, with a grassroots independent campaign. Cathy worked in rural politics for decades before entering parliament and has a small farm in the Indigo Valley where she runs Dorper Sheep.

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