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Fergus & Deb O'Connor run a beef farm in the green rolling hills of South Gippsland, Victoria.
They want to see our government take stronger action on climate change, here's their message:

Join us tonight for what is sure to be an amazing discussion between Fiona Simson, Cathy McGowan and Gabrielle Chan.

Link in bio.

Here are Banjo and Maple showing their #paws4climate 🐾🐾 Do you know a farm dog? Apply for our photo comp on our website (via the link in our bio). The top 12 pics will feature in our 2021 calendar 🗓🗓 ...

Do you think the Federal Budget does enough to address climate change? We’ve created a nifty form on our website so you can let us know! Click the link in our bio to tell us what you think ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ ...

Freddy here loves his home in far western NSW and knows that looking after it mean tackling climate change.

Thank you @anikamolesworth for sharing such a lovely #paws4climate picture.

Have you signed the petition calling on Scott Morrison for net zero emissions by 2050? Follow the link in our bio to read what Anika is asking the prime minister to do and to add your voice.

Phot credit: Klorane

#netzeropetition #aussiefarmers #farmdogs #dogsofinstagram #farmingforever

Thank you @hallygrammer for sharing this fantastic picture of Lucky!

There is still plenty of time to share your #paws4climate photos with us and have your dog feature in our 2021 calendar. Follow the link in our bio for more information 🐕
'Lucky' waiting patiently on the farm ute.

#paws4climate #farmlife #farmingforever #kelpie

#Repost @woodstockflour. Thank you for sharing such a gorgeous #paws4climate picture of Jip with us.

There is still plenty of time to share your #paws4climate picture with us for a chance for your dog to feature in our 2021 calendar.
Good lookin’ boy 🐕 Jip knows what’s up ➡️ #pawsforclimate #farmersforclimateaction @farmersforclimateaction #cleanenergy

We still want to see your #paws4climate photos!

Share your favourite farm dog photos using #paws4climate or send it to us using the link in our bio.

Sir Roy here is passionate about the benefits of a wind farm for the wider community.

#farmingforever #farmersforclimateaction #dogsofinstagram #farmdog #aussiefarmers

Applications are open for our Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria fellowship programs! 🧑‍🌾🧑‍🎓🌞🌏

This year we are running free climate and agriculture fellowships in Tasmania, Queensland and Victoria.

Apply now if you want to learn more about the impacts of climate change on agriculture, understand the changes that can be made and be a part of a network of amazing agricultural leaders.

Follow the link in our bio for more information.

Photo credit: @angusemmottphotography

#aussiefarmers #farmingforever #farmersforclimateaction #climateaction #aussiefarming #aussiefarmersdoitbetter

Tess fully supports the NFF and their net zero by 2050 target. You can too by signing our #netzeropetition calling for Scott Morrison to do the same (link in bio).

You have all month to share with us your #paws4climate photos! Our favourites will be voted on, with the winners making up our 2021 calendar.

#paws4climate #dogsofinstagram #farmersforclimateaction #aussiefarmers #farmdogsofinstagram #farmdog #climateaction

We still want to see your #paws4climate pics!

Tag us in your pictures and use #paws4climate, and your four legged friend could feature in our 2021 calendar!

Thanks to @angusemmottphotography for this brilliant picture of Banjo.

#Repost @angusemmottphotography
Banjo’s specialty swimming stroke - the doggy paddle.

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All images for sale. Email [email protected] for enquiries.

Dog Day may be over, but we still want to see your #paws4climate pics!

Share with us your favourite dog photos, and our favourites will then be voted on to go into our 2021 calendar!

#paws4climate #farmersforclimateaction #aussiefarmers #farmdogs #dogsofinsta

Thanks for the #paws4climate pic @agzero2030! 🐕🐶🌞🌱

Dog Day may be over, but we still want to see all your #paws4climate pics.

By sharing your photos with us your dog may become part of our 2021 calendar.

Follow the link in our bio for more information.
#Repost @agzero2030

Happy dog day! This farm Lab supports #paws4climate as she likes nothing better than mild weather, a dam to swim and a damp hole to lay in. The temperature is only 20C today and she is already feeling the heat! Let’s dial down the heat for our pets by ⬇️ GHG emissions.

#Repost @verdantproduce. Thank you for sharing this great picture! #paws4climate
Concerned hounds with their crazy owner posing for real climate action! #paws4climate

We completely agree with Christopher and Molly the koolie cross rescue dog, there is no planet B! #paws4climate #climateaction

Thank you for sharing this gorgeous picture @keholberton.

#paws4climate #farmersforclimateaction

We’d love to see your #paws4climate photos this Dog Day! Post a photo of your dog using #paws4climate and tag us!

Dusty here is a seasoned climate campaigner, attending rallies in Canberra and always fighting for a low carbon future.

To enter the calendar competition as well, follow the link in our bio.

#farmersforclimateaction #farmdogs #dogsofinstagram #aussiefarmers #paws4climate

Today is #DogDay, a day to appreciate the love and value that dogs bring to our daily lives. Beside almost every farmer is a climate-smart, ever-loyal farm dog.

To celebrate our favourite four-legged farmhands, we are calling on farmers and supporters to share pictures of their best dog pictures with #paws4climate over the next month. Bonus points if you tell us how your dog is helping you in the fight for climate action!

Lilly here has watched the climate changing over the last 14 years, and thinks it’s about we got some serious climate policy.

We’ll be shortlisting some of the best, and you’ll get a chance to vote for your favourite farm dog on our website. The top 12 are going to be featured in our 2021 calendar!

To enter the calendar photo competition, make sure to use #paws4climate, tag us in the picture and upload a copy to our website (in case we miss it due to privacy settings)

Follow the links in our bio to enter.

#farmersforclimateaction #aussiefarmers #paws4climate #climateaction #dogsofinstagram #farmdogs

Why have you signed the #netzeropetition? Sign now (link in bio) and let us know why in the comments. 🌞🌾🚜💛 Peter Holding, a third-generation farmer from Harden, says “farmers are adapting as fast as they can, but I don’t believe there is any chance we can adapt our way out of this. All adaptation in ag is important, because it gives us a window in which to make change. But we’re using up the window and there’s no change.” ...

Sign the petition calling for the Prime Minister to set an Australia-wide net zero emissions by 2050 policy (links in bio).


My name is Anika Molesworth and I raise sheep with my family near Broken Hill. I love the ancient gum trees and incredible wildlife I share my home with. I am proud to grow food for people, and it is breaking my heart that climate change makes it harder and harder for farmers like us to do this.

Last summer, as the rest of the country burned, we sweltered through the hottest summer on record. I have watched the trees die, the wildlife disappear, and our sheep be sent away. I want nothing more than to be able to focus on the day-to-day issues of our farm, be it a busted water pipe, or fixing a fence. But with climate change looming over my future, I have no choice but to take a stand.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison, farmers are looking for leadership from your Government and it is currently lacking. The National Farmers' Federation, representing more than 80,000 Australian farmers, supports an economy wide target of net zero carbon emission by 2050.

We call on you and your government to support this policy and get Australia moving to a low carbon future.

Specifically, we want:

1. As a first step, set a net zero emissions by 2050 target
2. Adopt the policies that will get us there.

Follow the links in our bio to read the full petition and to sign it!

#netzeropetition #weareausfarmers #farmingforever #farmersforclimateaction #nff


The Victorian Climate-Smart Agriculture Fellowship is aimed at current and emerging industry leaders who are committed to the sustainability of the agricultural sector. It is designed to build capacity to manage climate risk, while supporting business and industry resilience.

We’re looking for people with the potential to change the game, shape opinion and policy, and help agriculture and rural communities manage climate risks and prosper in a low-carbon world.

Follow the link in our bio for more information.

#aussiefarmers #climatesmart #csa #farmingforever #farmersforclimateaction #fellowship #victorianfarmers #victorianfarmersfederation

Meet the latest in our Climate-Smart Farmer in Focus series, Sam McCardel. After completing the 2018 Victorian Fellowship, Sam was inspired to make significant changes to his farm in Whroo, northern Victoria.

Through the power of pig manure, Sam has been able to transform his property and turn it into a successful farm operation.

"The water-holding capacity of the soil has dramatically improved, and the life in the soil just writhes out of the musky rich dark loam. The soil has come back to life. The diversity of the grasses has also increased and the rootstock depth has improved dramatically. That’s why we can now stand the drought when neighbouring properties can’t so well."

You can read Sam’s story and apply to be a part of the 2020 Victorian Fellowship program through the link in our bio.

#aussiefarmers #farmersforclimateaction #climateaction #climatesmartagriculture

Are you excited for Part 1 of our Regional Horizons Summit tomorrow? Flossy certainly is.

Professor Lesley Hughes, Climate Council and Macquarie University, will provide an overview of the climate change science in Australia, while Russell Mehmet, Willis Towers Watson, will help us to understand the future outlook for insurance, in particular farm insurance in light of climate change.

Follow the link in our bio to upcoming events to RSVP if you haven’t already! #paws4climate

The next episode of our podcast, Over the Fence, is now live! We talk to journalist, farmer and author Gabrielle Chan about rural politics, life on the farm and how climate change is affecting Australia’s food sector. Find it by searching Over the Fence where ever you get your podcast and leave a review! ...


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Fergus & Deb O'Connor run a beef farm in the green rolling hills of South Gippsland, Victoria.
They want to see our government take stronger action on climate change, here's their message:
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Fergus & Deb OConnor run a beef farm in the green rolling hills of South Gippsland, Victoria.
They want to see our government take stronger action on climate change, heres their message:

12 hours ago

Farmers for Climate Action

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Canberra's Land Management has led to massive bushfires across the Country and none of this mismanagement gets included in the numbers.

Australia is lagging Renewables. China built the 'Three Gorges Dam' for low-cost Electricity Generation. Canberra blocks change in Australia.

Canberra's Gas calculations are total rubbish !

Governments can make all the legislation they wish, while ever we are plugged into a 19th century technology based on a second industrial Revolution infrastructure we will make little difference....We need to move into the 21st century

What's the report. I came in late.

Sadly the Three Gorges dam displaced local farmers. Pumped hydro energy storage can be implemented in old mine sites.

I agree canberra blocks good solutions.

Bushfire "Carbon Dioxide", never gets included in the national numbers. Canberra can calculate it "down to the tree" because they can count trees by Satelite.

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