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Farmers for Climate Action is committed to building support for climate action from our political leaders. 

We are running an open letter asking the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association (TFGA) to declare their support for ag’s inclusion in Australia’s net zero emissions target. 

If you are a farmer from Tasmania and are interested in adding your name to the open letter, please put your details below. 

Dear X, 


We call on all of the candidates contesting the Eden-Monaro by-election to commit to climate solutions and, if elected, advocate for meaningful climate policy.


Over summer, we experienced first hand the impacts of climate change when faced with the most devastating bushfires in living memory. We can’t afford to ignore climate change any longer. 


We need a Member of Parliament who is part of the climate solution. We need someone representing us who will be a champion for the new jobs, the new industries and the new investment that will flow  to our region as a result of acting on climate change.


Let’s get on with it. 


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