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Support Aussie farmers this Christmas by making a tax deductible gift to Farmers for Climate Action

Buy a farmer a farm gate sign

Our farm gate signs are one of the most powerful ways to ensure our pollies and communities know that farmers care about strong climate policy to protect Australian farming. 

This Christmas, we’re asking you to make a one-off donation so we can keep providing farmers with free ‘We Support Farmers for Climate Action’ farm gate signs.

For $20 we can produce one of our signs and cover the cost of delivery to farms across rural Australia.

Farmers for Climate Action are the only farmer-led movement working to influence Australia to adopt strong climate policies. We do this by growing the number of farmers, regional communities and elected representatives championing ambitious climate action. 

To make a donation, choose an amount that works for you ($20 covers the cost of one farm gate sign!) and enter your details. We can also accept donations via bank transfer, just follow the instructions below the donation form.

If you are making a donation of more than $1,000, we ask that you donate via bank transfer.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Kitty Walker at [email protected].

All amounts are in AUD unless otherwise specified.

The form is not published.

To make a donation via bank transfer:

Please label the donation with the prefix FCA followed by your name (e.g. FCASarahSmith) and make the transfer to the bank account details below.

Farmers for Climate Action Gift Fund
BSB: 633 000
Account number: 183214436

Please send an email to [email protected] letting us know you have made the donation so a receipt can be issued.


To make a donation via PayPal:

Click here to go to a new page with instructions to donate via PayPal.


Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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