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Farmers for Climate Action has launched a landmark report that lays out a plan for farming communities to participate in and benefit from the rollout of renewable energy.

The report identifies key policy solutions, including incentivising on-farm renewables, fixing the distribution network to make it work for farming communities, support for β€˜agrivoltaics’, and ensuring farming communities can fairly share the benefits of transmission line infrastructure.

The roll-out of large-scale renewable energy is happening in the regions – current energy regulations, policies and programs are not working to support farmers or regional communities, and we need a plan to make sure farmers and farming communities can benefit.

Getting this right would benefit all Australians, reducing input costs for food production, building resilience, and providing a faster, cheaper, more efficient, and effective path to the renewable energy system we need.

This report has been written for Farmers for Climate Action by Karin Stark (Farm Renewables Consulting), Kate Healey & Andy Bray (RE Alliance) and Neil Gibbs (Online Power).

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