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Ever had one of those niggling questions which you just can’t find the answer to? Ever wished for your very own scientific expert? If you answered yes, then read on…

Welcome to the Farmers For Climate Action moderated “Ask a Scientist” forum where you get to pose your question to a panel of highly respected climate scientists.

We know farmers are on the front line as the climate changes and critically need access to locally pertinent information. Current farming production systems have been forged in the face of great climate variability. Climate change poses new challenges and Farmers for Climate Action wants to provide the best science available to our fellow farmers as we plan and adapt to future climates.

Each month, questions from farmers across Australia will be put to our panel of trusted scientists. To put your question forward for consideration, email your name, location, type of farm (e.g. beef, wool, grains, etc.) and question to [email protected].

*As a moderated forum questions falling outside the accepted science documented in the ‘State of the Climate 2016’ will not be accepted.

past questions

Ask a scientist – Jim McDonald

Ask a scientist – Jim McDonald

ask a scientist

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