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Fuel Efficiency Standards

28 February 2024 New Vehicle Efficiency Standard—Cleaner, Cheaper to run Cars for Australia Submission Farmers for Climate Action (FCA) appreciates the opportunity to again participate in the policy consultation process to inform  the Government’s commitment to introducing New Vehicle Efficiency…
April 4, 2024
media release

Farmers hit hard by drought; heavy rain elsewhere

28 March 2024 Farmers hit hard by drought; heavy rain elsewhere Drought continues to hurt farmers in WA and Tasmania Unseasonal rain hurts farmers in other parts of the nation Opportunity still live to make deep pollution reductions this decade…
March 28, 2024
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Farmers support solar promise

13 March 2024 Farmers for Climate Action, which represents more than 8000 farmers and 45,000 supporters across Australia, has welcomed the Queensland LNP Opposition’s promise to support solar panels on the rooftops of rental properties. CEO Natalie Collard said Farmers…
Paul Stark
March 15, 2024