15 October, 2020 at 11am (AEDT)




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Fiona Davis
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What did Farmers for Climate Action achieve in 2019-20? Where are we headed?  How can we greater position rural and regional Australia at the forefront of climate solutions? Find out at FCA’s online Annual General Meeting, to be held at 11am AEDT on Thursday 15 October 2020 via Zoom.

Join us as we reflect on our achievements over the past 12 months, share our plans for the next year and elect the board of directors.

This year’s guest speaker will be Eytan Lenko, chair of Beyond Zero Emissions, a commissioner on the Northern Territory Economic Reconstruction Commission, and co-founder of Infrastructure Access Managers (see bio below). Eytan’s presentation will include a Q&A style discussion on how to make rural and regional Australians an integral part of a broader range of climate initiatives.

2019-20 has been a busy and tumultuous year for FCA, as it has been for everyone. Through the bushfires to COVID-19, our farmers, volunteers, supporters and staff have endured many challenges. Nonetheless, FCA has continued to be a trusted voice on climate change and agriculture.

We launched two groundbreaking reports, Change in the Air, with the Australian Farm Institute, and Regional Horizons. Over 20 farmers descended on Canberra to meet with politicians and advocate for a National Strategy on Climate Change and Agriculture.  In November AGMIN agreed unanimously to a National Strategy for Adaptation and Mitigation to Climate Change. We have held countless webinars, on topics ranging from fake news to community energy, the Indian Ocean Dipole to community resilience in the face of natural disaster.


Nature of business to be discussed

The following items are to be discussed:

  • Consideration of financial reports
  • Election and appointment of directors
  • Appointment of and determination of remuneration for Auditors
  • A special resolution to change the length of director terms from 1 year to 3 years, with rolling terms (change can be seen here in red, pg 20)

Voting rights

Please note, as per Clause 33.1 and Clause 33.2, voting rights at the Annual General Meeting are as follows:

33.1 subject to law, each Full Member is entitled to cast one vote to elect directors under clause 93 and is otherwise entitled to vote as permitted by this constitution and by law

33.2 no Ordinary Member is entitled to cast any vote to elect Directors under clause 93 (and any vote purportedly cast by an Ordinary member for this purpose is invalid) but, subject to law, each Ordinary member is otherwise entitled to vote as permitted by this constitution


We have set up a folder with key documents ahead of our AGM. It currently contains:

  • Proxy nomination form. If you cannot attend, you are able to appoint a proxy. Please return by 11am Tuesday 13 October to [email protected]
  • The 2019 Annual General Meeting Minutes
  • A copy of the FCA Constitution with recommended amendments 

Still to be added is the financial audit and the agenda.


Eytan Lenko

Eytan Lenko is the Chair of Beyond Zero Emissions and a commissioner on the Northern Territory Economic Reconstruction Commission that is advising the NT Chief Minister on the future pathway for the NT economy.

Eytan has a successful business and entrepreneurship background, he was a founder of Outware Mobile, one of Australia’s fastest growing tech companies which was acquired in 2017.

Eytan co-founded Infrastructure Access Managers, a fund manager that aims to decarbonise Australian unlisted infrastructure and is a director of the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network.

Eytan is actively involved in the startup ecosystem both as an investor and a mentor. He is an advisor to the Impact Investment Group’s Giant Leap Fund.


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