Tuesday 13 September, 2022 from 7:00pm (AEST)



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Ellen Litchfield

[email protected]

Join Ellen Litchfield, our new Climate Leaders Network Coordinator, as well as other FCA staff for a virtual catch up!


It’s a great chance to hear from staff about what FCA has been up to and how essential your input will be for FCA’s strategy development. Fiona Davis (CEO) will talk about FCA’s strategy and how the climate leaders network fits in. Claire Boyle, our Policy and Industry Manager, will talk about the policies we are advocating for as an organisation and the results from our recent farmer member survey. Then our Community Organising Manager, Emily Jones, will suggest some ideas for grassroots actions you can take to get climate action in your communities.


It will also be a chance to e-meet Ellen Litchfield (CLN coordinator) if you have not met her and chat with the staff about any ideas or thoughts you have.


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