Wednesday, 2 August at 12:30pm (AEST)



Zoom link will be provided upon registration



Ellen Litchfield • [email protected]

Join us to hear from the new CEO of the Australian Holistic Management Co-Operative in an interactive session to discuss how farmers can align their strategy, actions and ESG implementation with their own values on farm.

If you are interested in regenerative farming principles the Australian Holistic management Co-Operative will allow you to measure your improvements and become part of a global network.

You will also learn more about the Co-op’s core activity; the EOV (Ecological Outcome Verification) program – a robust, scientific measurement of the health and resilience of farmland over time. Through the Co-Op’s network, members can access monitoring, branding, mentoring, conferences, field days and further training.


Helen Lewis

CEO, Australian Holistic Management Co-Operative

Helen draws on her extensive decision making and policy making experience to facilitate better decision making and polices that consider people, the environment and longer-term prosperity.  The variety of settings Helen has contributed include: community groups, organisational management, family farm businesses and individuals’ life decisions. Some of Helen’s decision and policy work includes lobbying for the Outback Way, Australia’s longest shortcut and redesigning reactive drought policy to the proactive Ag Business Cycle now funded by the Queensland Government. Helen has also worked as a Ministerial policy adviser. 

Helen offers decision design and policy design courses and mentoring both face-to-face and via zoom as well as self-paced, supported online courses for decision makers, policy makers and personal decision making.

Helen is in her element when she can help people make better decisions, enabling them to live their values every day and enabling organisations to align their strategy, actions and ESG implementation with their values.

Helen is using these skills and experience in her role as CEO of the Holistic Management Co-operative  and is managing holistically on her family property.

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