17 November, 2022 at 7pm (AEDT)






Claire Boyle
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Let’s talk about methane!

Often when the conversation turns to methane, people immediately think of cow burps. But what impact do coal and gas fugitive emissions have on our climate? Are they being properly accounted for?

And what does Australia signing the Global Methane Pledge mean for farmers? What does reducing methane emissions look like in practice?

You’re invited to join our next webinar, ‘Let’s talk about methane’. Hear from Dr Sabina Assan, author of report Australia’s coal mines can deliver two-thirds of methane cuts, and Margaret Jewell, MLA CN30 manager, about the impact of methane on climate targets and the possibilities for methane reduction in agriculture.


Dr Sabina Assan

Sabina joined Ember in 2022 as a Coal Mine Methane Analyst, raising the profile of coal mine methane and promoting the technologies and policies to measure and reduce these emissions.

She has over five years experience in the environmental sector, including work in measuring fugitive methane emissions from anthropogenic sites in Europe.

She holds a PhD in Environmental Sciences from Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de L’Environnement, and holds an MSci in Physics.

Sabina recently lead a report on the impact of fugitive emissions from coal mines on Australia’s climate targets.

Dr Margaret Jewell

Margaret is MLA’s Carbon Neutral 2030 (CN30) Manager. She is an Agricultural Scientist with a PhD in plant genetics and 10+ years experience in intensive and extensive agriculture. Margaret is committed to ensuring that Australian agriculture can prosper while remaining sustainable and contributing to Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets.

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