Tell the Prime Minister to commit to climate action at the G7 Summit.

My name is Karrinjeet Singh-Mahil, I am a dairy farmer from Crossley in south west Victoria. I urge you, Prime Minister Morrison, to commit Australia to net zero emissions before 2050 at the G7 Summit and outline your plan to get us there.* As the leader of this country, you have a duty to do the right thing for current and future generations.

Australia is currently falling behind the rest of the world because your government refuses to adopt more ambitious policies in line with climate science.

I’m worried about what it will mean for our farm, and for thousands of other farmers like us, if we don’t take urgent action on climate change. Already we’re experiencing more frequent and severe weather events – droughts, floods, heatwaves and bushfires. Without action to curb emissions, this is only going to get worse – making farming more difficult and costing us money.

If we don’t get serious on climate change, farmers’ livelihoods will be increasingly threatened.

On our farm we now have to deal with record hot summer temperatures, which cause our cows and production to suffer. We’ve had frosts a month too early and a month too late, impacting our pasture growth. We’ve had floods that have made it difficult to access our whole farm and have damaged infrastructure. This will only get worse if we don’t act on climate change.

Prime Minister Morrison, your double-talk and inaction is risking our access to global markets. All of this affects our bottom line.

But this is our chance. Farmers, like me, all across Australia need you to act. Make Australia a leader on climate again and outline a positive, ambitious climate vision at the G7 summit.


* Learn more about the G7 Summit here.

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