13 May, 2021 at 12pm (AEST)






Claire Boyle
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The potential of Australian soils to sequester carbon and offset emissions is a hot topic right now. As seen in our previous webinars in this series, building soil organic carbon depends on healthy, active, productive soils. But how does a major soil constraint common across Australia, increasing soil acidity, affect this process?

Join us to hear from Dr Jason Condon, NSW Department of Primary Industries, about the latest research on acidic soil management in cropping systems.

The Road to Net Zero webinar series explores the reasons for reducing emissions, the different solutions available and industry progress towards carbon neutrality. Soils are a very complex and integral system, so keep an eye out for more Road to Net Zero webinars on the topic.

You can watch Part 1 with Dr Schefe here.

You can watch Part 2 with Dr Lyn Abbott here.

You can watch Part 3 with Dr Cathy Waters here.


Dr Jason Condon

Jason has more than 25 years’ experience teaching and researching soils. His research portfolio includes projects on fertiliser management, carbon sequestration, nitrogen cycling, salinity management and the formation and management of soil acidity. His current role as Soils Research Officer at NSW DPI Wagga is focused on a series of projects that seek to optimise acid soil management in Southern NSW.

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