Webinar Recording


Dr Hanabeth Luke

Dr. Hanabeth Luke is passionate about building resilience in rural and regional Australia. Her research explores on-farm drivers of decision-making across rural Australia, towards strategic planning that integrates optimal information and approaches for supporting best-practice soil, farm and land management. As Founding Coordinator of the Southern Cross University Courses in Regenerative Agriculture, and as Project Leader of several national research projects, her work aims to reduce community and landscape vulnerability to weather extremes, while increasing wellbeing and regenerative capacity through building and sharing knowledge among farmers, scientists, farming system groups and NRM organisations.

Justin Maroccia

Justin Maroccia is an experienced public policy professional. Justin is a Senior Researcher at the Australian Farm Institutes and brings an extensive knowledge about on farm risk management. He has worked in Washington DC representing the agricultural value chain in US federal regulatory and legislative advocacy. In his time with the Corn Refiners Association and Plant Based Products Council as their Senior Manager of Sustainability, working to push the agriculture and bio-based products industries in a more sustainable direction while lifting up rural communities and the manufacturing sector.

Edward Colless

Edward Colless grows wheat, canola and barley and some pulses, and he runs cattle on his property, Ashantee, 30 kilometres south of Walgett.

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