7 September, 2022 at 12pm (AEST)



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Claire Boyle
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A new emissions reduction target of 43% by 2030 is set to pass the Senate in coming weeks. The Australian Government has also noted their intention to sign onto the Global Methane Pledge, a shared goal to reduce global methane emissions 30% by 2030.

But what does that mean for Australia’s farmers? What impacts, if any, should farmers be expecting?

How is that different from the red meat sector’s carbon neutral by 2030 goal? Or Australian Pork’s net zero by 2025? Or the majority of states having a 50% reduction by 2030 target?

Our next webinar, What do emissions reduction targets mean for farmers?, is your opportunity to find out the answers to these questions any others relating to the new emissions targets.

Join us to hear from Polly Hemming, the Australia Institute, and Liam Walsh, Climateworks Centre, who will explain the impacts and opportunities of these policies for farmers. We encourage you to ask any burning questions you have in advance via the RSVP form.

This is an exciting first step, but more needs to be done. This webinar is to help people understand what the new target means for individual farmers and the broader Australian community, as well as how these new numbers interact with other emissions targets.


Polly Hemming

Polly is a senior researcher in the Australia Institute’s Climate & Energy program.
She has extensive experience working in policy, marketing and engagement roles in both not-for-profit and public sectors.

Her current work focuses on carbon and environmental markets, climate integrity and greenwashing. Having previously led the development of a government eco-label recognising voluntary climate action by the private sector, she maintains a strong interest in non-state climate ambition and the policies and regulation that interact with this.

Polly’s previous roles have included academic publishing, remote Indigenous education, refugee advocacy and science communication, bringing a range of perspectives and experiences to her work.

Liam Walsh

Liam leads Climateworks’ efforts to reduce emissions within the Food, Land & Ocean system across Australia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific. He works in close collaboration with teams across the organisation and with external partners to ensure Climateworks’ impact on emissions reduction in the Food, Land & Ocean system is realised and maximised across multiple geographical locations.

Liam has varied experience working with different actors across our global food system to drive change, including major companies and government actors in Australia, Vietnam, Kenya, Liberia and the UK. He has managed programs that address key sustainability issues including extractives resource management, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity conservation, coastal management, natural capital accounting, and sustainable diets.

He has also worked for the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation, Conservation International, Fauna and Flora International and the UN Refugee Agency.

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