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Seeds of Change Giving Circle:

Sowing the seeds for transformative change

Farmers for Climate Action has achieved incredible impact shifting the conversation about climate change and farming, and putting a spotlight on the climate leadership that farmers are showing on-farm as well as beyond the farm gate. Looking forward, we see huge opportunities to grow our impact, continue transforming the politics of climate change in rural Australia and achieve our strategic goals.

We are inviting committed supporters to join our Seeds of Change Giving Circle to guarantee the reliable core funding Farmers for Climate Action needs to do this important work.

The Seeds of Change Giving Circle

Our Seeds of Change Giving Circle is a community of donors who make a significant contribution to help grow the number of farmers, agriculture leaders, regional communities and rural leaders championing ambitious climate action.

Seeds of Change donors commit an annual contribution of $5,000 or more for 2-5 years, guaranteeing the independent and reliable core funding that underpins Farmers for Climate Action’s growth and impact.

The giving circle allows you to feel a deep connection to the impact of your support, and meet other like-minded supporters. By making an annual financial commitment to support Farmers for Climate Action’s work for 2-5 years, you are making a declaration that goes beyond a financial transaction.

You’re inspiring others to give, supporting new leaders in the farming community who are empowered to make a real difference, and forging a pathway to bipartisan support for action on climate change.

By supporting Farmers for Climate Action’s core work, Seeds of Change donors help sow the seeds for transformative change in our political system and within agricultural to address climate change.

"Farmers for Climate Action is an important part of the movement against climate change. Farmers can see the effects and the general public believes our stories."

Rod Hoare, farmer

How to join the Seeds of Change giving circle

To join the Seeds of Change giving circle, please contact FCA Fundraising Director Kitty Walker at [email protected] for the next steps.

We ask that significant donations are made via bank transfer using the instructions below. Receipts will be issued via email within 3 weeks after receiving each donation.

When donating via bank transfer, please label the donation with the prefix FCA followed by your name (e.g. FCASarahSmith) and make the transfer to the bank account details below.

Farmers for Climate Action Gift Fund
BSB: 633 000
Account number: 183214436

Donations to Farmers for Climate Action over $2 are tax deductible.

Our impact

Our farmer supporters have led the charge for agriculture to move forward on climate-smart agriculture, and we’ve been instrumental in key agriculture industry groups proactively undertaking steps to reduce emissions and champion climate action.

We have led campaigns which have called on political leaders to hasten the transition from fossil fuels to renewables and ensure rural communities benefit. Farmers for Climate Action has mobilised farmers to demand climate action from their elected representatives. We’ve informed and engaged MPs across the political spectrum, and this has resulted in a number of rural and regional parliamentarians making public commitments to climate action.

In late 2021, the National Party supported an economy-wide net zero emissions target by 2050, signalling federal bipartisan support for the first time for such a target. Our work meeting with, and briefing, MPs, elevating farmer voices and influencing ag sector policy, including the National Farmers’ Federation’s 2020 climate policy which supported a 2050 economy-wide net zero goal helped make this happen.


Other key advocacy highlights since our inception include:

  • Encouraging rural MPs to speak publicly about the opportunities for rural and regional Australia from strong climate policy, including Federal Nationals MP Anne Webster distancing herself from coal and Victorian Nationals Leader Peter Walsh highlighting the critical importance of strong climate policy at FCA events
  • Launching our report “How can Australia’s agriculture sector realise opportunity in a low emissions future?” by Ernst & Young, which found that the sector can achieve net zero emissions by 2040 while increasing productivity and profitability.
  • National climate change and agriculture work program: all state and federal agriculture ministers agreed to support the development of the work program in October 2019. The Victorian government is leading this process.
  • Launching our ‘Foot off the Gas’ briefing paper, which highlights the social, economic and environmental impacts of the Federal Government’s proposed gas-led recovery.
  • Regional Horizons: outlines how rural and regional communities can lead Australia’s response to climate change and thrive into the future. Aspects are already on their way to becoming a reality, with the Federal Government announcing Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hubs which closely resemble our resilience hubs.
  • Creating a “Rural Futures” taskforce that consulted with rural and regional community leaders to create a report that outlined a positive vision for rural and regional Australia beyond mining.

Member benefits

As thanks for their generous contributions, members of the giving circle get access to exclusive insights, impact highlights and member-only meetings. Seeds of Change donors will receive:

  • Access to annual and quarterly impact reports, including an annual report back about how your donation has made a real difference
  • Invitations to exclusive Seeds of Change quarterly briefings, to hear first-hand about FCA’s impact, speak to staff and hear from farmers and other stakeholders, in addition to invites to other donor events
  • Invitations to in-person events where they take place, including priority invitations to farm visits and tours
  • Access to a dedicated FCA staff member to hear from regularly and have your questions answered
  • Annual in-person lunch with the CEO and other Seeds of Change members
  • Special acknowledgement letter from the CEO acknowledging your support
  • Special emails exclusive to Seeds of Change members – Be the first to know about the impact of our work

Seeds of Change members are also asked to commit 10% of their gift to Farmers for Climate Action’s Crowdfunder Matched Giving Pool, which will be leveraged throughout the year to increase the number of new donations and donors to Farmers for Climate Action’s annual crowdfunder appeals. By supporting the Crowdfunder Matched Giving Pool, you are doubling your impact as a Seeds of Change donor to help further amplify Farmers for Climate Action’s impact. Seeds of Change donors will receive reports about the success of our matched crowdfunder appeals thanks to their support.

FCA Strategic Plan 2022-24Annual Reports
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