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This summer has shown that farmers and rural communities are the canaries in a coal mine when it comes to climate change. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Farmers and communities on the frontlines of climate change are displaying the colour yellow to take a stand for a bright future and show their support for practical climate solutions. They’re asking you to show your support by standing with them by displaying a #ShowOurColours farm gate sign.

Because so many farmers and graziers are having a tough time right now we want to send them a sign for free. We are asking our supporters to make a donation so we can to help offset the cost of printing and distribution. Can you help by making a donation?

Looking for other ways to support the #ShowOurColours campaign? Paint your fence, ute, shed, wall or anything in yellow, then take a photo and share it online with the hashtags #ShowOurColours and #CanariesInTheCoalMine. Make sure you tag FCA so we can share it!

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