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Farmers for Climate Action is committed to getting bi-partisan support for climate action. 

Thank you for signing our open letter calling on the next Premier of Queensland to act on climate change. 

By signing this letter, you are supporting a movement of farmers and rural Australians who are leading on climate solutions. 

To the next Premier of Queensland,

We are Queensland farmers and graziers and we are calling on you to make climate jobs a reality in this term of government.

We have a once-in a lifetime opportunity to bring our state back from the COVID recession in a way that protects our livelihoods and creates hundreds of thousands of good jobs. 

As farmers, our future is tied to the land. We can’t afford to delay any longer.

By acting on climate change we can make Queensland a global powerhouse and create entire new industries.

We ask you to prioritise:

  1. Investing in renewable energy and supporting rural communities to become renewable hubs. Providing jobs, lowering emissions and lowering costs of energy.
  2. Supporting farmers to be part of the climate solution. This means making carbon markets more accessible to all farmers.
  3. Protecting our groundwater by not approving new mines or projects on prime agricultural land. 
  4. Invest in our future by providing education and training programmes for farming families to help them adapt to the changing climate. 
  5. Strengthen support networks and channels for getting crucial information to farmers and graziers on climate, carbon markets, and adaptive or sustainable management tools. This includes enhancing the ability to connect agricultural peers to one another.

Together, we can tackle climate change and get our state back to work.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you.


Thank you for signing the open letter. This open letter will be delivered by farmers to the Queensland Parliament when it resumes after the election.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

In the meantime, we we would love to send you a farm gate sign so you can show your support for climate action. Register for a farm gate sign by clicking the buttons on this page and send us a photo of it on display.

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