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Farmers for Climate Action is delighted to welcome you to our organisation as a public representative of Farmers for Climate Action.

As a farmer-led organisation that relies on volunteers, our farmer representatives are at the core of what we do, enabling us to extend our reach through:

1.  Media appearances

2. Public speaking opportunities

3. Meetings and correspondence with politicians

4. Representing us externally in meetings and within committees

You may be involved in all of the above or just one or two. Either way, we are incredibly grateful for the time and expertise you offer our movement.

This form sets out our volunteer/spokesperson code of conduct, which will enable us to work together in a productive, respectful way.

  • Personal Details

  • Code of Conduct

  • When volunteering with FCA I will adhere to the following code of conduct: 
    • I will treat participants, other volunteers and members and staff with respect, value and acceptance.
    • I will behave with honesty, discretion and integrity at all times.
    • I will be mindful about what I share about myself and others.
    • I will observe strict confidentiality where requested.
    • I will ask a manager if I need advice or direction and refer volunteers if I am unable to help them.
    • I will act in a manner to ensure the safety of myself and others.
    • I will maintain appropriate physical boundaries.
    • I will not become intoxicated or consume illicit substances while representing FCA. 
    • I will declare any information that may impact the reputation of FCA.
    • I will work closely with FCA on actions taken in FCA's name: Putting pen to paper as an FCA representative? Been approached by the media directly? Got an idea for a community event? Please talk to us/run it by us first so we’re all on the same page.
  • FCA Volunteer Principles and Values

  • When representing FCA, I will embody the following values and principles:
    1. We are science-based: Our work is evidence-based and uses the best available science to inform our advocacy.
    2. We are proudly independent and non-partisan: We work with politicians of all stripes to get the job done. FCA does not support or oppose particular candidates or parties.
    3. We act lawfully: we only engage in lawful and peaceful advocacy.
    4. We embrace farmers and rural Australians of all stripes: Our farmers come from all walks of life. We embrace this, as it allows us to learn from one another and grow stronger as a movement.
    5. We are calm, friendly and respectful: In public and with each other, FCA volunteers are calm, friendly, respectful at all times.
    6. We are team players: we are good listeners, we assume best intentions (no blaming or shaming), and we take care of each other.
    7. We are strategic: when making plans, we always ask ourselves, is this the most effective use of our time? What actions will have the greatest impact?
    8. We avoid traditional protests and direct action: For strategic reasons, FCA does not attend traditional climate protests or rallies. We also do not participate in direct action. 
    9. We do not defame anyone: To have an impact in the climate space, Farmers for Climate Action needs to be seen as constructive and helpful. This means we do not defame individuals (like MPs). 
    10. We stay on-topic: FCA’s core business is shifting politics and ag bodies on climate change. Though many of our farmers care deeply about other issues like logging and iron-ore mining, for example, these are issues that we largely steer clear of for strategic reasons.
  • Additional Information

  • Agreement

  • I confirm that all the information in this agreement is true and correct. I have read and agree to abide by the Farmers for Climate Action Volunteers Code of Conduct, as well as the FCA Volunteer Values and Principles.

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