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In this video, which you can also find on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, dairy farmer Rob Miller says that his farm at Milton has been burnt four times since Christmas. Rob is calling on everyday Australians – from the city to the bush – to demonstrate their support for climate action and to get behind rural Australians, who are on the frontlines of climate change.

We believe this is a really good visible, positive, clear, and non-partisan action which all Australians can do to demonstrate to politicians from all political parties that there is a groundswell of ordinary people across the country from all political persuasions and walks of life who want action and leadership on climate change.

Why yellow? It’s the colour of bumper crops, hope for the future, #canariesinthecoalmine, of solar energy!

“Let’s paint something yellow, display something yellow, on our houses, on our cars, on ourselves to show Australians want climate action. Paint your letter box yellow or put a yellow ribbon on your fence, put a yellow sticker on your car – be creative. Share what you’ve done, ask your friends and neighbours to do it too and together let’s show our true colours on climate action.”

Ideas for everyone:
  1. Order a #showourcolours themed Farmers for Climate Action farmgate sign (and display it when it arrives)
  2. Update your profile pic on Facebook and Twitter with this Twibbon that will frame your photo yellow
  3. Share messages of support, yellow images on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter using the hashtag #showourcolours (you can also use #canariesinthecoalmine)
The next level:
  1. Paint something yellow/ display something yellow to show you care about climate change: A wall, a shed, on fire-damaged property, your letterbox, a sign in your front yard – be bold and creative! Most importantly, make sure your sign can be easily seen.
  2. Write “We want climate action” to make your yellow sign really stand out.
  3. Film it and photograph it – have someone video you next to your sign while you also say why you’re doing it, or make it a selfie video. Take some photos too.
  4. Share it – get it out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also, email us at [email protected] and we can put it up on our social media. Ask your friends to make their own sign but also to share your post far and wide. Make sure you use #showourcolours (you can also use #canariesinthecoalmine)
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