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Adani - Farmers for Climate Action
September 2018

Additional uncertainty over Adani project as rail line changes throw graziers into confusion

Graziers across Central Queensland have reacted with disbelief to the news that Adani is once again shifting the goal posts, announcing a new, cheaper rail design to build its proposed Carmichael coal mine.

Farmers for Climate Action Queensland Coordinator, Michael Kane challenged the timing of the announcement.  “This is clearly a smokescreen designed to distract the Australian public from the fact that the day before this announcement news broke that Adani was under investigation for alleged illegal drilling activities at the Carmichael site,” Mr Kane said.

“The company faces a long list of outstanding issues, including the Caley Valley spill, concerns from traditional owners, uncertainty from local graziers around the adequacy of groundwater protection and make good agreements”

Mr Kane said the new rail plan did nothing to allay the fears of local farmers. “Farmers are still reeling from the news that our groundwater may already be under threat. It’s clear Adani is hell bent on proceeding with their destructive project,” .

“This shows a deep disregard for the long term sustainability of the region and contempt for the graziers whose lives have been thrown into disarray by this and other proposed mega mines in the region.”

Central Queensland grazier Will Graham has started a petition calling for an end compulsory acquisition of grazing land for the Adani mine. The petition has now reached 45 000 signatures. Mr Graham  was equally unimpressed. “Graziers along the proposed corridor have faced years of uncertainty and confusion about the proposal,” said Mr Graham. “This sounds like just another one of Adani’s vague announcements”

“It remains unclear what the new plan will mean for graziers, many of whom have State Development Areas hanging over their property and face significant impacts if the mine ever does decide to build”. Said Mr Graham

Collinsville grazier Jamie Gordon, whose property potentially could be dissected by the Adani’s rail line, said that the first he heard about the  announcement was via the media and  says he has not been contacted by anyone from the mine.

“My family have several projects on hold at the moment,  including a new home.  If we go ahead and build tomorrow we could end up with a coal train corridor within 100 meters of our front door”

“We don’t have any detail and would just  like to know what is going on. All we have right now, is uncertainty and a lot of questions.”

Farmers for Climate Action is a movement of farmers, agricultural leaders and people from across Australia working to ensure farmers are a key part of the solution to climate change.


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