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Parliament House Canberra - FCA
19 February 2019

Political progress

On Monday we were at Parliament House helping to launch the Parliamentary Friends of Climate Action group.

This group, which includes independents, Rebekha Sharkie and Kerryn Phelps, is one of a number of signs we’ve had recently that our political leaders may be willing to begin working together to tackle climate change.

As a movement that is seeking multi-partisan support for climate action, Farmers for Climate Action is doing everything we can to support this step in the right direction.

We’ve also been encouraged by comments from Nationals MP and NSW Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair recently. Minister Blair told media that the “sands were shifting” in regards to political support for climate action. That week, we were also pleased to hear Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud announce the national strategy for climate change and agriculture was progressing well.

We look forward now to seeing action follow rhetoric.

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