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Farmers for Climate Action
19 February 2019

Tough times

While positive changes are afoot, we are also conscious that there are environmental challenges continuing to demand our attention on many fronts.

Right now farmers and graziers in Queensland are working tirelessly to manage animal welfare as flood levels rise, and are now working around the clock to bring in hay and look after stock.

Farmers in other states are dealing with fires, dust storms and the ongoing impacts of drought. And, at the same time, our Federal Government refuses to rule out new coal development.

We understand that many supporters are feeling frustrated. We are too! Be assured, we are doing whatever we can. With an election looming, you have the opportunity to make your local MP listen – we hope that you make the most of this!

Write them a letter. Send them an email. Ask for a meeting.  Writing a letter to the editor is another great way to join the chorus of voices calling for urgent action on climate.

Want to do more? Check out our website to find out more about how you can get involved with the work that we do.

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