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Farmers for Climate Action - Adani
Farmers for Climate Action - Adani
March 2019

We reached 600,000 people

Earlier this month we published a full-page open letter in the Courier Mail, featuring 59 Queensland farmers and graziers opposing Adani’s ‘Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem Management Plan’. It reached 600,000 people.

And it did exactly what we wanted – got the attention of the two Ministers that the letter was addressed to.

These Ministers, Federal Environment Minister Melissa Price (Liberal Party) & State Environment Minister Leanne Enoch (Labor Party), have the power to accept or reject Adani’s plan.

The following week, two of our Western Australian farmers, Christie and Liz, met with Federal Environment Minister Melissa Price.

Christie and Liz discussed how climate change is already affecting farmers in WA and beyond. They presented her with the open letter on behalf of their Queensland counterparts.

The open letter also made an impression on Queensland Environment Minister Leanne Enoch. She requested a copy of the letter and we are now in discussions with her office to lock in a date for a face-to-face meeting with a delegation of the farmers who signed it.

In addition to the people we reached directly with the ad, it also generated media attention across urban and rural Queensland that is continuing into this week. Our favourite quote is from an article in the Courier Mail’s widely-read lift out section, and it reads:

“Have a guess who else is against the Adani mine and development of the Galilee Basin? Those well-known radical, latte-sipping, inner-city, mung-bean-eating eco-warriors – farmers! Farmers for Climate Action are urging the state and federal governments to reject Adani’s Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem Management Plan. Every day as we wake up to less farmland and more mouths to feed, protecting Australia’s groundwater makes perfect sense to these people, at the front line of climate adaption.”

Thank you so much to all our supporters who chipped in to get this letter published. Without the support of you and the hundreds of others who made this ad possible, it simply would not have happened.

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