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Annastacia Palaszczuk
22 May 2019

Premier’s Adani intervention undermines grazier confidence

Graziers are calling on Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to provide assurances the independent regulator, due process and graziers’ groundwater supplies will not be jeopardised following today’s call for a definitive timeframe on Adani’s Carmichael mine approvals.

Farmers for Climate Action CEO, Verity Morgan-Schmidt said: “We are all frustrated with the process surrounding this mine. Graziers remain uncertain about what the long term impact will be on vital groundwater supplies.

“We remind the Premier and the Coordinator General, a clear timeframe only works if there is certainty that decisions will ultimately be based on science, not propaganda and political pressure.

“These approvals are taking so long because Adani has shown time and time again that their management plans are inadequate to provide certainty and to protect Queensland groundwater.*

“At the Federal level, political pressure appears to have been exerted to expedite conditional approvals from Australia’s premier scientific agencies. We don’t want to see this unfold in Queensland.”

Longreach grazier Angus Emmott said: “Everyone needs to take a big deep breath, put down the Murdoch papers and focus on the science. These decisions need to be made with cool heads, not rushed in the aftermath of a Federal election.

“As a grazier dependent on the integrity of the Great Artesian Basin, and an expert in Australia’s groundwater systems, I’m calling on the Premier to display leadership in the face of political pressure and respect the role of independent science.

“Neither Adani, nor any other project proposed in the Galilee, should proceed until groundwater impacts have been thoroughly understood and a robust scientific analysis of the cumulative impacts on groundwater has been undertaken, free of political pressure and interference.”

Farmers for Climate Action is a movement of farmers, agricultural leaders and rural Australians working to ensure that farmers, who are on the frontlines of climate change, are a key part of its solution.



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