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6 February 2020

National #ShowOurColours campaign has farmers hit by drought, fire calling for climate action

Farmers and rural Australians across the country are urging others to join them as they display the colour yellow to show their support for action on climate change.

NSW south coast dairy farmer Rob Miller took to social media last week to call on everyday Australians to get behind those on the frontlines of climate change. Hundreds of thousands of Australians have now seen posts from Rob and others, which have been widely shared across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

“Since Christmas I’ve had four bushfires rip through my dairy farm,” Mr Miller said. “It’s been really devastating.

“But I’ve got an idea for how ordinary Australians can show we want Australia to step up and lead on climate action.

“Let’s paint something yellow, display something yellow, on our houses, on our cars, on ourselves to show Australians want climate action. Paint your letter box yellow or put a yellow ribbon on your fence, put a yellow sticker on your car – be creative.

“Share what you’ve done, ask your friends and neighbours to do it too and together let’s show our true colours on climate action.”

Broken Hill sheep farmer, Anika Molesworth, who also recorded a widely-shared video, said this was a time for all Australians to come together and show their support for climate action.

“As a young farmer, my future in the agricultural sector depends on us addressing climate change today.

“Farmers really are the canaries in the coal mine when it comes to climate change. We need to be taking serious action today to curb emissions and prevent further damage to our climate being done.

“Climate change is impacting people, livelihoods and the places we love and call home today. We can solve this problem by putting in place sensible and responsible strategies today.”



Rob Miller

Anika Molesworth

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