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21 May 2020

The Federal Government’s Technology Investment Roadmap places too much emphasis on the ongoing role of fossil fuels, especially gas, and must focus more on investment in clean energy alternatives, says Farmers for Climate Action.

Farmers for Climate Action CEO Wendy Cohen said: “With one degree warming, Australian agriculture has already experienced a 22 per cent decline in profits. This is a matter of survival for many farmers,” Ms Cohen said.

“Any genuine climate policy has to involve keeping fossil fuels in the ground. I am worried that the Technology Investment Roadmap discussion paper is misrepresenting gas as a sustainable option, while not providing enough funding for clean energy sources.

“Government has an important role in creating a market for emerging clean energy technologies, such as hydrogen and battery storage. I would suggest this roadmap focus more on these, and less on fossil fuels.”

FCA Deputy Chair, and Crookwell farmer Charlie Prell, said: “Rather than playing around with tricky fixes designed to ingratiate themselves to the fossil fuel lobby, the Government just needs to get on with creating a real sustainable future for all.

“The energy sector is responsible for more than 80% of emissions in Australia. It is also the sector that has mature clean energy technologies that are cheaper than fossil fuels,” Mr Prell said.

“Rather than designing opaque  mechanisms to allow them to keep subsidising fossil fuels, the Government needs to embrace a rapid transition to 100% renewable energy.

“This will provide hundreds of jobs and billions of investment dollars to regional Australia, not to mention extra income for farmers. Farmers are sick of the subterfuge. We just want to get on with it.”


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