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8 February 2021.

Australian ag leading way on net zero emissions

Australian agriculture is already leading the way on net zero emissions and suggestions it be exempted from economy-wide targets are out of touch, Farmers for Climate Action says.

In response to Nationals leader Michael McCormack’s comments over the weekend, Farmers for Climate Action CEO Wendy Cohen said the Australian agricultural industry is already working to reduce its carbon emissions and should aim to reach net zero by 2030.

“Red meat industry body Meat and Livestock Australia is already committed to net zero by 2030 and the National Farmers’ Federation last year backed a net zero by 2050 target.

“Far from needing to be left out of a national net zero target, farmers want funding for research and development so they can accurately measure their emissions, reduce them and continue to compete in a low-carbon global economy.”

Farmers for Climate Action deputy chair, agricultural scientist and farmer Dr Anika Molesworth agreed. “Facing more frequent and severe droughts, floods and bushfires, Australian farmers are on the frontlines of climate change in this country.

“Farmers are also keenly aware that the global economy is increasingly moving towards a low-carbon future, where trade barriers and carbon tariffs will soon be in place.

“In that environment, high-emitting countries risk being left behind.

“The Australian agricultural industry should be working towards reaching net zero by 2030 and in doing so giving itself an edge in global markets.

“Acting on climate change also presents a tremendous opportunity for regional Australia to benefit from the creation of new jobs in clean energy generation, manufacturing and ecosystem restoration work.”

“Rather than being omitted from a national target of net zero by 2050, Australian farmers are calling out for extra funding for research and development, so that they can reach net zero quickly and continue to provide high quality food and fibre to the world.”


To interview Wendy Cohen or Anika Molesworth contact Lara Nicholson on 0431 050 768 or [email protected]

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