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12 November 2021

Farmers say Government net zero modelling won’t ensure prosperity for country Australia

12 November 2021. Farmers for Climate Action say the Government’s plan for reaching net zero by 2050 relies far too heavily on offsets and does not provide deep emission cuts.

Farmers for Climate Action CEO, Fiona Davis, says more ambition is needed from the Government to make deep emission cuts this decade and make sure farmers and country communities have opportunities for prosperity into the future.

“We know the most important action to tackle climate change is to keep fossil fuels in the ground. I am not sure this plan demonstrates that, instead it seems to be operating on a wing and a prayer that we’ll figure it all out sometime in the future.

“The modelling seems to throw up more questions than it answers and we are concerned a lot of pressure is being placed on agriculture to draw down emissions. Increased climate volatility due to climate change puts a big question mark around the ability of soil carbon to offset the emissions proposed in this plan.

“Rural and regional Australia are already being impacted by climate change. If we don’t act now, farmers’ ability to continue feeding our nation and the world will be in question. Investment in clean energy will drive billions of dollars into the regions and create thousands of jobs in the process.

“What farmers need is a plan that brings substantial emissions cuts this decade to protect Australian farming families from more climate change impacts.

“Our prosperity depends on ambitious climate policies. It’s time to get on with it.”


Farmers for Climate Action is a movement of more than 6000 farmers and agricultural leaders working to ensure that farmers, who are on the frontlines of climate change, are part of its solution.

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