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3 December 2021

Farmers call for race to the top on climate targets

Farmers across Australia are looking to both the major parties for strong climate commitments in the lead up to the next Federal election.

Today’s target of 43% announced by the Australian Labor Party is an improvement on the current national target.

Farmers for Climate Action CEO Fiona Davis said: “We know strong climate action drives investment, jobs and new opportunities across the country, and we need a bipartisan approach to ensure these opportunities are realised.”

“Farmers can not afford to miss out on the opportunities strong climate policy would deliver to regional Australia.

“We can’t afford to waste this opportunity as the world moves toward a cleaner economy. Farmers can benefit from new sources of income such as carbon credits, even during drought. Australia has some of the best renewable resources in the world and regional Australia stands to benefit from jobs, industry and investment

“This is not a partisan issue. We have seen both Coalition and Labor state governments adopt strong targets and drive investment into renewable energy technologies. It’s time for Federal politicians to catch up.

“All parties need to rally behind strong climate policy that will deliver opportunity, industry and prosperity, especially for regions. This is a good first step, but quite frankly the Federal Government is lagging behind the states and we need to start seeing a race to the top on climate.

“Let’s get on with it.”


Farmers for Climate Action is a movement of more than 6000 farmers and agricultural leaders working to ensure that farmers, who are on the frontlines of climate change, are part of its solution.

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