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25 October 2022

NSW sets new benchmark for power line payments to farmers

Farmers for Climate Action, an organisation representing more than 7000 farmers nationally, has applauded the NSW Government’s move to pay rent to farmers who host transmission lines as part of the state’s Renewable Energy Zone build out.

EnergyCo and the NSW Government will pay landowners in NSW $10,000 per year for 20 years for every kilometre of high voltage power line that crosses their land.

Such a scheme was a key recommendation in Farmers for Climate Action’s Farm Powered Report, released last fortnight.

Farmers for Climate Action CEO Dr Fiona Davis said the new policy had the potential to help win social licence for the transmission required for renewable energy developments, speed up bringing projects online and provide stable alternative income for farmers.

“Farmers for Climate Action applauds this policy, which has the potential to bring renewables online faster whilst giving farmers alternative sources of income,” Dr Davis said.

“Alternative income is so important during times like droughts, or in recovering from floods, which climate change has already brought far too much of. We thank the NSW Government for listening to farmers and rural communities on this crucial issue.

“This is now the benchmark for transmission line payments in Australia and we urge the Federal Government and all other states to carefully examine this policy. We also encourage governments to roll a scheme like this out for all transmission line projects.

“Community support is essential to deliver the thousands of regional jobs these renewable energy projects bring, and a policy like this brings benefits to the local community. Farmers who have alternative income during drought keep employing locals and spending money in local pubs, cafes and retail stores.

“Farmers for Climate Action has called for exactly this kind of arrangement and we’re so thrilled to see it become reality in NSW. We know this won’t solve every community concern and that some farmers oppose transmission on their land under any circumstances, and we continue to suggest renewables companies in Renewable Energy Zones contribute to a local community fund.”


Farmers for Climate Action is a movement of 7000 farmers calling for strong economy-wide climate policies.

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