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23 December 2022

NSW commitment to reduce emissions by 70% by 2035 will help Australian farmers


Farmers for Climate Action (FCA), an organisation representing 7,500 Australian farmers, welcomes the NSW Government’s announcement that it will reduce emissions by 70% from  2005 levels by 2035.

Pete Holding, a third generation farmer in south-east NSW, said farmers across Australia are struggling to cope with repeating climate change driven extreme weather events like floods, bushfires and drought.

“Crops and livestock have been destroyed, productivity severely impacted and earning a living is getting harder. Recovering from one unnatural disaster to then be slammed by another is financially and mentally devastating.

“Commitments like this one announced by the NSW Government help produce the deep emissions reductions which Farmers for Climate Action has been calling for. This kind of ambition is desperately needed to protect our farming families and our food supply. We encourage all parties and all governments at all levels to adopt similar ambitions and targets.

“We want to keep farming forever, and give our children the chance to farm like we have. Farmers want to leave their properties to the next generation but climate change is already making farming tougher. Communities and governments already have the knowledge and technology to turn things around. We know that together we can do this.”


Media contact: 

Les White, FCA: 0409 805 122


Farmers for Climate Action is a movement of 7000 farmers calling for strong economy-wide climate policies.

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