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Who: Sarah Woolford
What: 2000 acres, farming sheep, hay, and grain. Our focus is maintaining a return on investment while maximising efficiency.
Where: York, Western Australia

Can you tell us about your property?

We farm merino sheep and crossbred sheep. We also grow hay, canola, wheat and barley on a rotational basis. The property is a family farm and has been running for two generations (40-45 years).

What first got you thinking about climate change?

The research about global warming first got me thinking about climate change. In addition, I have started seeing the changes in the climate firsthand. There has been greater ferocity of the storms, droughts and fires.

Has climate change impacted on your farm business?

Our farm business ultimately comes down to efficiency, cost and return on investment. However, climate change constantly remains on the radar. We are always keeping up to date with new research and information, such as varietal use, solar, water usage, revegetation, and response to salt.

If you could send a message about climate change to the Federal Government, what would it be?

The Federal Government needs to educate farmers to keep their carbon credits on farm. They also need to show financial support for farmers, to allow them to respond to environmental challenges and implement changes more effectively. Also, there should be greater research and development into the supply chain in agriculture, as well as education on climate and the environment across all levels.

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