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19 April 2023

Fuel efficiency standards will help regional Australians save money


Farmers for Climate Action has welcomed news the Federal Government plans to introduce new fuel efficiency standards for Australia as part of a broader electric vehicle strategy.

Farmers for Climate Action, which has 7800 farmer supporters across Australia, has partnered with Solar Citizens on an Electric Ute Roadshow, which is currently touring the first commercially available electric ute around regional Australia.

“Many farmers are telling us they want to switch to electric vehicles, but they need more EVs to choose from at better prices,” CEO of Farmers for Climate Action, Dr Fiona Davis said. Dr Davis noted Farmers for Climate Action called for fuel efficiency standards in its submission to the Federal Government inquiry on this issue late last year.

“A strong fuel efficiency standard will deliver Australia a better range of fuel efficient cars, including electric vehicles, at lower prices. Australia’s lack of a fuel efficiency requirement has meant car makers send us their least efficient vehicles. Rural Australians already drive further and pay more for fuel than city Australians, so the cost of living impact is real.

“Analysis by Solar Citizens has revealed regional and rural Australians would save $4 billion over the next five years if Australia adopted fuel efficiency standards matching the EU, because we’d save so much money on fuel.

“We note modeling predicts a $519 saving for most motorists on annual fuel costs if they’re able to access more efficient vehicles. The statistics suggest this figure would be higher in regional Australia. We also note the average new car in Europe is 40% more efficient than the average new car in Australia, and the US their new cars are 20% more efficient than ours, largely because those countries have fuel efficiency standards.

“Ute makers are advertising electric utes with ranges around 800km now. A strong fuel efficiency standard will see those cars sent to Australia instead of just to the EU and US.”

Passenger cars create 10% of Australia’s carbon pollution, and the transport sector is a key opportunity to create the deep emissions reductions we need this decade to protect farmers and our food supply.




Russell Klose, the EV expert who spoke at the Victorian Ute Roadshow events, is available for interview later today.
Contact:  [email protected]

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