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Who: Carly Noble
What:  220 acres of organic land, we run beef cattle and sheep
Where: Arnold, 16km from Bridgewater on Lodden (Central Victoria)

Can you tell us about your property?

We are an organic farm currently running beef cattle. Our farm is family run, and my husband and children are all involved in the work. We use a range of generational practices, which my family have used on farm for many years.


What are some of the strategies you’ve been employing to build resilience and how successful have they been?

As the land is organic, elements of our farm are regenerative. As custodians of land, we also ensure that the land remains viable and healthy. We employ a whole farm model, and this means that regenerative practices impact all areas on farm. This includes a focus on fuel efficiency and eliminating wastage.


Do you use renewable energy on your farm? What are the benefits?

Yes, we have solar on our house and shed, as well as solar set up for our water. This is because we are aiming to cut back the amount of energy used through the main grid. Aiming to add more solar. Our renewable energy on our property has been adopted through a ‘trial and test’ mindset. This means that, with the help of grants, we adopt new initiatives on a trial basis and test if they would be right for us in the long-term.


If you could send a message about climate change to the Federal Government (in 50 words or less) what would it be?

They need to think outside of the box. There are too many initiatives that are only looking 5 years ahead, rather than looking at the next 25-30 years. Initiatives should be better structured, so they are more viable long term.

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