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16 November 2023

Farmers:  Have your say on the Net Zero Sector Plan for Agriculture

  • Consultation on the Net Zero Plan for Agriculture and Land has begun
  • Survey gives farmers the chance to be heard by the Federal Government
  • Farmers for Climate Action will take results directly to the Agriculture Minister


A new farmer survey aims to discover how farmers are already reducing their emissions, and find out where governments can invest to further help farmers reduce emissions whilst increasing productivity.

Farmers for Climate Action’s new Net Zero Plan for Agriculture Survey will aim to capture a broad cross section of everyday farmers, regardless of their attitudes to climate, and their emissions reduction efforts. The survey comes as the Federal Government begins consultation on its agriculture sector plan for net zero, and FCA will hand the results directly to the Federal Agriculture Minister before the consultation period closes. 

FCA CEO Natalie Collard welcomed the government’s moves to create a low-emissions future and to consult with farmers to shape their own future.

“It’s crucial farmers’ voices are the central plank of the plan and we know this is one of the busiest times of year for farmers, so we’ve created a 10 minute survey to make it easier for farmers to have their voices heard,” Ms Collard said.

“It’s vital that Australian farmers map their own path forward. We want the Federal Government, and all Australians, to be aware of the opportunities and challenges in front of farmers as farms reduce their emissions.

“Farmers have led the way in reducing carbon pollution through things such as selective breeding for cattle which produce less methane and have shown keen interest in farming carbon and biodiversity through tree plantings. Australian agriculture is light years ahead of high-polluting fossil fuel companies.

“This survey gives farmers the chance to be heard on the roadmap to net zero and have their thoughts taken directly to the Agriculture Minister.

“We urge all farmers who wish the Federal Government to hear their voice on the Net Zero Plan for Agriculture and Land to have their say.”

The Farmers for Climate Action Net Zero Plan for Agriculture and Land Survey results will be released as a publicly available report and hand delivered to the Federal Agriculture Minister.

The survey can be accessed here or via the

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