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27 March 2024

Farmers call for government to heed scientists’ concerns on carbon credits

Farmers for Climate Action, an organisation representing more than 8000 farmer members across Australia has responded to concerns raised by scientists about the integrity of Australia’s carbon credit market, particularly relating to specific forest regeneration projects.

CEO of Farmers for Climate Action, Natalie Collard said “Our organisation has raised concerns in the past that any market paying farmers for sequestering carbon must be robust and scientifically based, to prevent the market collapsing and leaving farmers vulnerable.”

“Last year we welcomed the recommendation of the Chubb Review that the Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU) system be overhauled. We also consider that the Chubb Review itself didn’t go far enough in its findings to ensure that carbon credits do in fact represent genuine abatement, and it failed to sufficiently acknowledge the limitations in the market and concerns raised by scientists.”

“This research released today is further evidence that the Chubb Review has not resolved all the questions and concerns about carbon markets. While FCA supports the recommendations of the Chubb Review and seeks their urgent adoption, there is more work to do to ensure not just a fair and free market, but confidence that carbon credits represent genuine abatement.”



More on Farmers for Climate Action’s response to the Chubb Review in 2023:


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