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Who funds Farmers for Climate Action?

Farmers for Climate Action is generously funded through a mixture of grants from Australian foundations, donations from philanthropists and a regular giver program. We also run crowdfunding campaigns for specific initiatives from time-to-time. We are extremely grateful to the generosity of the Australian individuals and organisations who make our work possible.

Some of the Australian foundations and philanthropists we’ve been proud to work with include:

  • The William Buckland Foundation – Advancing Agriculture Trust
  • Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal
  • Myer Foundation Innovation Fellowship
  • Yulgilbar Foundation
  • Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation
  • Melbourne Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation
  • The Climate Council
  • Rebecca Gorman
  • Reichstein Foundation
  • Garry White Foundation
  • Climate Action Network Australia
  • NR Peace and Justice Fund
  • Paul & Michelle Gilding
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