We’re delighted to announce that, for the first time, Farmers for Climate Action is offering a career-defining Climate Smart Farming Scholarship to 20 leading farmers across Australia.

The scholarship will provide you with an opportunity to learn from internationally-recognised climate experts, including Nobel Prize winners, who will equip you with the tools needed to deal with a changing climate in your business, become a climate leader in your industry and be able to discuss impacts, adaptation and mitigation with your peers. It will provide you with the most up-to-date information available in Australia around building on-farm resilience to climate impacts. It will also give you the skills needed to have a positive impact on the future of your industry. 


Whilst the agricultural sector is particularly vulnerable to climate change, there are a wide range of adaptation strategies and the sector can also provide solutions to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We need climate leaders that can navigate the change to ensure the sector continues to thrive. 


The scholarship will cover: 

  • Carbon accounting on farm, delivered by the University of Melbourne 
    • GHG emissions and sequestration on farm 
    • Carbon neutral agriculture 
    • Soil carbon benefits, limitations and options 
    • Opportunities to ask questions of globally recognised experts
  • Accounting for Nature workshop 
    • Gain an understanding of a scientifically-rigorous methodology for measuring environmental conditions
    • Get a foot up in the growing ecosystem services market
  • Agriculture and climate change course delivered by the Australian National University
    • Access to world leading professors and Nobel Prize winners with the topics tailored to your interests
    • Covering the latest climate science and adaptation options 
    • Learn about the implications for Australian agriculture and rural communities 
    • Direct focus on the industries represented by our scholars
  • Media and advocacy training, which will equip you with the skills you need to tell your story and have a wider impact.
  • Regular virtual catch-ups with fellow scholars to talk about farming and leadership challenges 


All the scholars will then meet in Canberra to network with like-minded peers, meet with MPs and meet some of the farmers for climate action staff. The scholarship will create an alumni of innovative and free thinking farmers that want to have a positive impact on rural and regional Australia. 


Program delivery


The scholarship will run over 5 months from 28 November 2022 to 31 March 2023. It will involve approximately 10 hours of commitment each month online to meet the requirements of each course with most of the work self-paced. It will culminate with three days together in Canberra in the last two weeks of March 2023. Exact dates will be finalised in November.  


Who is this program for?

The Climate-Smart Farming Scholarship is tailor-made for farmers and pastoralists from all agricultural sectors. No tertiary education is required, just a passion for the future of the Australian ag industry. Once we have identified the successful applicants all the professors will be notified to make sure it is relevant to your area of interest. 



We will cover all costs of the courses valued at over $3000 per person and travel/accommodation to in-person events will be heavily subsidised. 

Applications now closed

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