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March 2019

Australia’s emissions trajectory threatens farm viability

Rising figures for Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions show that the Federal Government is failing to protect Australian farmers and their livelihoods, said Farmers for Climate Action today.

Data from the Quarterly Update of Australia’s National Greenhouse Gas Inventory: September 2018 shows that emissions for the year to September 2018 are up 0.9 per cent on the previous year.

Farmers for Climate Action CEO Verity Morgan-Schmidt said: “Farmers are sick and tired of the dismal failure of Government to take action on climate change. Once again, Government policy has failed to reduce emissions at the same time as politicians wax lyrical about their commitment to Australian farmers.

“The profitability and sustainability of farm businesses rely on a stable climate, and yet no matter how many times the government claims that they are taking climate action, the emissions data shows that there is a total lack of credible climate policy or any meaningful results.

“Just look at the recently released Climate Solutions Package, which talks a good game but fails to tackle the need for the energy sector to reduce its emissions by shifting away from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

“Scientists are telling us that we’re running out of time, and here we are with a government that has allowed emissions to rise for more than three years.

“All sides of politics must deliver credible climate policies in the lead up to the election if they want to retain voter support,” said Ms Morgan-Schmidt.

Farmers for Climate Action Deputy Chair Charlie Prell, who farms near Crookwell in NSW, said: “I am already seeing the devastating impacts of climate change on our farm, which has been affected by severe drought and increasingly intense heat waves.

“This has been the case for many farmers across Australia, and it takes a toll on our business, animals, and mental health.

“Things are only going to get worse if no action is taken to address climate change. Our emissions need to be reducing steeply, not increasing steadily. There are only so many droughts, floods and fires any farm business can withstand.

“A very wealthy, developed country like Australia has a responsibility to the rest of the world, and to Australian farmers, to implement policies that guarantee a steep reduction in our emissions.”

Farmers for Climate Action is a movement of farmers, agricultural Australians and rural Australians working to ensure that farmers, who are on the front lines of climate change, are part of its solution.


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