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Farmers for Climate Action
14 March 2019

Top of the class

Earlier this month we gathered over 20 up-and-coming climate-smart farming leaders for our 2019 Victorian Climate-Smart Agriculture Masterclass.

Drawn from across a wide-range of agricultural industries, from bee-keeping to horticulture, dairying to mixed farming, participants were eager to find out more about climate change and its potential impact on agriculture – and what they could do about it.

They heard from word-class experts, including ANU’s Professor Mark Howden, University of Melbourne’s Professor Snow Barlow, the Bureau of Meteorology’s Andrew Watkins  and Sarah Barker from leading law firm MinterEllison, building their climate literacy while also honing their advocacy and media skills.

Some of the feedback we received following the event included:

“The Masterclass was the most confronting, daunting but most importantly empowering workshop I’ve ever participated in, in my entire life!” – Anthony Houston, Houston Farms, lettuce producer

“While I have for a long time thought we as a nation we should be doing much more towards climate action, I gained a lot of confidence and urgency to do my little bit. We as farmers have significant sway with the general population. There is a great opportunity for us to make some difference and the timing is excellent. With FCA training and guidance we have the tools.” Andrew Young, vegetable producer   

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