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Farmers for Climate Action - Verity Morgan Schmidt
Monday, 1 April 2019

Farmers cautiously welcome ALP climate policy release

Farmers across the country have cautiously welcomed the Australian Labor Party’s climate policy released today.

Farmers for Climate Action CEO Verity Morgan-Schmidt said the policy puts agriculture at the heart of climate solutions and sets us on track to meet our Paris commitments. Farmers remain concerned the ALP has not ruled out supporting new thermal coal.

“We’re constantly reminding politicians that farmers are on the front line of climate change and need to be a key part of its solution. It’s encouraging to see this policy include opportunities for farmers to deliver solutions via an expanded Carbon Farming Initiative.

“The agriculture sector is already moving on climate change, with our goal of a carbon neutral red-meat sector by 2030. We’re delighted to see support for this initiative.

“Farmers across Australia have long called for certainty and bipartisanship around these issues.

“The Federal National Party is meeting today in Canberra, and we strongly encourage them to put party politics aside and endorse sensible proposals that support farmers across Australia to tackle climate change and diversify their income.”

Longreach grazier, Angus Emmott applauded the initiatives but called upon all sides of politics to strengthen their support for a clean energy future.

“Despite the significant positives in this policy announcement, there is still room to strengthen our orderly transition to life beyond thermal coal,” Mr Emmott said.

“Emissions from coal-based energy generation, both domestically and from Australian coal exports, are contributing to our warming climate, and the extended droughts, severe flooding and out-of-control bushfires Australia has experienced in recent months.

“The world’s leading scientists have told us that we’ve got 11 years left to alter our trajectory and avert the most catastrophic impacts of a warming planet. It’s time to put party politics aside and deliver meaningful action on climate change.”



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